“ Since starting Fly Buttrfly, I’ve shifted how I look at myself and the ‘stories’ I continually perpetuate.  Landmark was a wonderful experience! I’ve heard people say they don’t need programs like these to grow, but the beauty is that they will open you up to something you were not even aware of.

It provides great motivational tools which in turn gives you effective methods of pursuing your passion.  I know that being extremely authentic is the path to achieving my goals."

We are following the stories of women paying it forward.

Following the multiple day workshops, we reconnect with each woman and assist them in creating an action plan that integrates their breakthroughs and keeps them on track with their personal and professional goals.


At six weeks, we check in again to begin developing a plan for paying it forward and celebrate their success.

"Landmark immediately moves you into action to reconcile things you may not have known were issues."

-  Aaliah 2016 Fly Buttrfly Scholarship

Recipient,  Emmy Award Winning Producer/ Development Associate/ Student

“I felt I was at a point in my life where I needed a change.

Fly Buttrfly is a great platform for women to understand themselves better and receive clarity around their goals, mission, and life. I feel more grounded.  I am more dedicated to my personal happiness.“

"I  have learned to trust myself more and live with less fear. I also feel a sense of freedom which did not exist before."

-  Rasha 2016 Fly Buttrfly Scholarship Recipient, 

TV Host/Producer

Women's Group Workshops

September 16th, 2018 (Topanga, CA)

Our first annual Family Constellation & NLP Group Workshop was held in a beautiful sanctuary. Eleven women joined us for this life transforming event.

December 2nd & 3rd, 2018 (San Diego, CA)

Money Mastery & Spirituality Program:

Four women received coaching on their relationship with money, plus practical guidance on how to create a plan for financial success and living their true purpose.   Since then all four women have started their own business ventures!

July 20th & 21st, 2019 (Los Angeles, CA)

Our first Vocal Expression & Healing Program was an incredible success! Eleven women cultivated life changing breakthroughs in this 2-day experiential workshop using the power of their voice.  They witnessed, firsthand, their individual potential to step up and claim their future dreams today by delivering a passionate and poignant speech in a short period of time, heal self-criticism and trauma, access voice from an empowered and confident place, release the need to compare themselves with others, acknowledge their shared humanity through each others' stories, and identify, own, and appreciate their own unique voices. Moreover, this workshop equipped women with practical daily exercises to implement at home in order to further their self-development. The women left with shining eyes, singing hearts and a rocket ship full of inspired momentum!!


“I find myself accountable for absolutely everything now. It’s such a rewarding feeling and I find myself being much more communicative, and authentic in my communication which was always such a struggle for me. Now I am free from those feelings of disconnect, and self pity. I feel so amazing!"

“... it changed something in me. This really set me free from so much that had been weighing down on my shoulders ever since I was a child.”

Meet Alaijsha

2017 Fly Buttrfly Scholarship Recipient

Alaijsha attended the Landmark Forum where she was able to experience a major breakthrough in her relationships, a shift that allowed her to envision the life she truly wants to create.  Alaijsha’s strained relationship with her mother was one of the main reasons she applied to Fly Buttrfly.

During the program, Alaijsha was able to address childhood memories of sexual abuse and how the events of her past had negatively informed her decision making today.  Her big takeaways were discovering her courage to speak to her mother with compassion and transparency and learning a structure of how to communicate without losing control.  

At the Landmark forum she was coached on how to write a letter to her mother about how she felt. Then she was encouraged to call her and read it.  That inspired action made all the difference in the world.

Alaijsha’s mother (left) attended the program graduation, she was deeply moved by the impact it had on her daughter and was so thankful to now have an open channel of communication with her daughter.


Since then, Alaijsha has moved cities and started a new job that directly supports her long term career goals. She is flourishing!

With access to programs like the Landmark Forum, Alaijsha can create new possibilities that she deserves.

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